Natural light photography will always have my heart. I'm drawn to simple moments and capturing the mundane. In my eyes, real is perfect, and that is exactly what I strive to capture in my photos. Real. In any of the sessions I offer, you can expect minimal direction or posing from me. Instead, you will interact with each other and just be you. This will give us the best and most genuine expressions from everyone. Please take a look around and get a quick idea about the sessions I offer, and please free to drop me a note to learn more details! I'd love to chat about your next photo session!

Day in the Life

These sessions are for families that want an entire day documented. From breakfast to bedtime, I will document the details of your daily life. There is no need to plan anything for these sessions. You live your life, and I document it.


Slice of Life

These are similar to my Day in the Life sessions, but not a whole day. These typically last 4-5 hours. You have the option of choosing a morning or an afternoon session. These photos will be a nostalgic treasure for years to come.



Birthdays, retirements, or out-of-town family visiting for the weekend are all reasons to document. Make sure everyone is in the photos, and let me capture the day for you!

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This is your typical family session with little posing and directing from me. Finding an activity to do for these hour long sessions makes it easy and comfortable to get genuine expressions. We have lots of fun and these are my most popular sessions.



How many photos will I receive?

Honestly, it depends on the session. If you are having an entire day documented, obviously you will receive many more photos than from an hour long lifestyle session. However, I can promise you that you will receive ALL of the photos that I fall in love with and spend time on editing. My goal is to tell your story no matter what type of session you choose. I include many in-between shots and tiny details that you don't even realize I took until you see them. :)

Do you shoot weddings?

I do! But not many, and not big ones. Small backyard weddings and elopements are my jam. I'm a one-gal show so the smaller, the better. I had a tiny wedding myself, so I guess I have an understanding with the couple and we always hit it off, making the resulting photos beautiful, intimate and genuine.

My home is small and cluttered! Can we go somewhere else?

Of course we can! But please reconsider. Your home is where your story begins. Trust me when I say that you will appreciate seeing your decorations on the walls, family pets, and (what you thought were) trendy hairdos in the photos years down the road. The toys in the background and what you consider a mess, is a sure sign of a home well-lived and ultimately that's what you will appreciate looking back on later when the kids are moved out and the house is perfectly tidy.

What if my kid woke up with the sniffles on the day of the shoot?

If you feel like your child woke up with a bit of a cold, please be the judge here. We can always reschedule if you don't think he will be himself during the session. Stay home and cuddle that sweetheart. If they are just a bit snotty but feeling normal otherwise, keep your session! I'm not afraid of a few boogers. Just maybe bring a few extra face wipes!

Do I have to order prints through you?

Absolutely not! Honestly, I recommend against that. I do work with a lab, but because of how I shoot, and the number of images you receive, prints get extremely expensive. Most clients end up making photobooks instead. There are so many online stores that do a gorgeous job making books, and I can give you a list of those as per request. Just make sure you do PRINT THOSE PHOTOS, because they're not doing any good sitting on the hard drive of your computer!

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